Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Good Buddies

The Maloof brothers own the Sacramento Kings (GO KINGS!). During the 2000/2001 season, they commissioned me to do their annual art print that is send out at the end of the season to all their season ticket holders. During the playoffs at Arco Arena, I went upstairs to the exec. offices to meet them. All of a sudden, the MBA commissioner walks in for a photo op. I'm left in the dust! One of the photographers says to me "why don't you get in the picture". Bless his little Fstop heart! Really looks like I'm buddy, buddy with the boys. Had to number and sign about 7000 prints. My good friend (and REAL buddy), Paul Bianchini (see previous post), helped me in this arduous task. He numbered, and I scrawled out my John Handcock. We started with 1/7000 plus sig. until we ended with 7000/7000 plus sig. Took about 3 days working about 2-3 hrs. a day! I added an extra $1000 to number and sign all those buggers. I'm posting this, because I can't figure out how to add a photo of me to my blog profile. Anyone out there know an EASY WAY to do this?

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