Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good, Good Pals

Here I am with my good, good pal Barry Zito, pro ball player and winner of the Cy Young award! Notice his portrait in the background. DON'T notice my pot belly. DO notice the "Have You Hurled Today" on my T-shirt ( the word "hurl" is in reference to hurling a stone with a medievil siege machine called a Trebuchet. Maybe I'll save an explanation for a future blog). Barry makes millions of dollars a year. I make diddly squat a year! But if I practice as hard at throwing a baseball as I practice painting paintings, well, who knows? There may even be a "signing bonus" in my future.


Anonymous said...

David, that's a great job you did with Photoshop, draping Barry's arm over your shoulder. Good thing it's not his pitching arm..
While you were at it, you could have Photoshopped the stomach too!
(Just kidding! Zito, David Stern, the Maloofs - what a lucky guy!)

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, these Three Banditos may be calling you for help on building that new area..

Danny Griego said...

Hi David

Very cool!