Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes, my previously posted light bulb was naive and cute , but take a look at this one. His name is Lester ( yes,light bulbs can have names!). He's been around the block and turned off and on more times than one can count. Here's the low down: he started out his illuminating life aboard the South American registered tramp steamer Jose Hernandez. Twenty four seven duty in one of the crew heads located below deck at the stern. From marine work, he moved on to even more grueling twenty four seven duty on the ceiling of a six foot square lock down cell at Pelican Bay State Penitentiary on the dreary and foggy coast of Northern Calif. Alas, Lester's career (and life) came to a tragic and shattering end while the owner and proprietor of the seedy and well known Bates Motel in Arizona tried to screw him into a bathroom electrical socket and accidently dropped him into the infamous shower tub. He will be forever remembered as spirited, tough, and able to take on any voltage thrown at him. R.I.P. Lester Light Bulb.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eggs and light bulbs drive me nuts!!!!!

Ever free hand draw an egg or a light bulb? NOT EASY! least not for me not easy. They always start out ever so slightly lopsided. I spend a lot of time tweeking the outside contour. And how about the subtle blending of surface values for krist sake!!! NOT EASY!...and...NOT EASY!!! Yeah, I'm 63 years of age, but I'm fixin to become an Olympian snow boarder or Super G down hill racer. It's a lot easier than rendering eggs and light bulbs. Any one disagreeing with this is itchin for a fight!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ruhstaller Building on 9th and J Streets

This is an 8"X48" acrylic painting on stretched canvas that is one of eighteen of my acrylic paintings that is part of a two man show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery here in Sacramento. The artist's reception is this Saturday, Feb. 13 from 6-9PM. I expect all my blog visitors to be excuses.

Monday, February 8, 2010

"And that's the way it was."

If you are a baby boomer, and I am in spades, you remember Walter Cronkite, the world renowned TV news anchor man. I conducted an acrylic portraiture workshop last Sunday, and "Uncle Walter" was our subject. By the way, I LOVE the smell of pipe tobacco. If I was rich, I would hire a pipe smoker lackey smoke in my studio while I'm painting.