Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yall itchin fer a fight?!

I maybe goin out on a limb on this here blog but I ain't afraid! I'm about ta commence a acrylic paintin of ma brother Billy Joe Bob Lobenberg. He's a cat fishin, bagel-eatin -son- of- a- bitch, good old boy from Turlock, California who don't cotton ta mean spirited words about his older brother's artistic efforts if ya catch ma drift. I'll be a postin his portrait in this here spot in a week or two. Think twice about any negatory comments! IT'S NOW A WEEK LATER AND MA BROTHER'S PORTRAIT AIN'T DONE YET, so don't you go a thinkin that it is or yer goin rile him! I gotta give a little talk and demo at a local art club on Oct. 8, so it ain't gonna be done until shortly thereafter. This is ma blocking in stage using an acrylic color palette of Acra Crimson, Cad. Red Light, Cad. Red Medium, Cad. Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White. I'm startin ta work ma colors, values, and shapes. Next up is "polishin"...getting in the finished colors, values, shapes, and any final blending that I may want ta do. I don't know why I'm writing in this stupid faux southern accent and this here ain't ma brother, but sometimes I need a hit of Dixie in ma life. Yer ain't gonna give me no lip on this is ya?!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yosemite Nocturne

This October and November, I will be conducting my 5th annual Holiday watercolor and acrylic workshops here in the Sacramento area. This is the scene we will be painting. This first one is acrylic on stretched canvass (12"X16"). Workshop participants can make their own greeting cards from their completed painting. In a few days, I'll post a few greeting cards from past workshop participants and a watercolor version of this scene. The top painting is a paint- over of the first acrylic nocturne I did (bottom painting) for my acrylic holiday workshop in Nov. I needed some more drama, and I got it from the full moon. The second painting is a watercolor version for my holiday watercolor workshops in Oct. The bottom acrylic is my first try but no cigar.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What? Me Worry?? Me mad???

Nope. Not me. Sure Lehman (spelling?) Brothers had to be purchased by B of A, and Dean Whitter (spelling?) is kaput, and Fannie Mae and the other one needed government bailouts, and the USA is way in debt to foreign countries, and AIG insurance (the largest in the world, for god's sakes!), is in BIG financial trouble (as is my state of California), and our car insurance is with AIG, and my car was totaled last week (thank god for seatbelts and airbags), and my sternum was fractured in the accident, and I'm waiting for a settlement from AIG. It doesn't faze me in the least, because today I received my four Carol Marine paintings that I purchased from her last week. They are beauties, and I plan on using them as teaching aids for my '09 spring semester acrylic class at Sacramento City College! PS: Here are three acrylic portraits on 12"X16" stretched canvases that I previously posted that have been tweaked. What do you think?.. good, bad and ugly opinions are solicited here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank You Theresa Rankin!

Theresa Rankin is a very fine oil painter and has bestowed this award on my blog. Thank you so much Theresa! I am suppose to pass this award onto 5 other blogs that I highly admire (and I know that this award is suppose to circulate), but I humbly submit my "Fav. Links" on the right...more than 5 for sure, but they are all fantastic, and I just can't bring myself to edit. Sorry.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spiky Hair

If I had much hair (it's almost all gone...just a memory), I'd like to have it spiky for a little while. I have maybe eight hairs on the top of my head that I suppose I could spike with mustache wax, but the resulting look might be a tad scary, and I really don't want to scare anybody. So to satisfy my spiky hair envy, I painted this gentleman who works around the corner from my studio and is a graphic designer. Now to be real frank, the only reason I bothered painting him was to use my Princeton Art @ Brush Co. #12 Jumbo Round water color brush. These brushes are super flexible and tapper down to a beautiful fine tip thereby allowing me to have a rollicking good time rendering his hair while listening to The Rolling Stones. Don't get much better than that! Yeah, yeah!... I know...I used a little white opaque paint in a few places on his face where I lost some highlights. That's the challenge of water color. If your painting "goes south", you have to go to Plan B or throw it away and start over again. I chose to go to Plan B. ONE FINAL THING... if I left him bald, I'd title the painting "Etc., Etc., Etc."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Venus and Paynes Grey Watercolor

I have a watercolor workshop coming up this Saturday. Here are two subjects that we will be painting in Paynes Grey for practice of brush technique, values, and edges. In my previous post, I painted the same female subject in acrylic. This watercolor version was painted on Fabriano Uno, 140lb. cold press (about 11"X16"). The male subject is also water colored in Paynes Grey. I painted to the music of Andrea Bocelli. His magnificent voice keeps the brush at a sure and steady flow while not interrupting one's concentration.

The Birth of Venus

I have just completed this study in acrylic on board (11"x16") of one of my workshop students. I thought that I'd just start to rough paint without laying down a prelim. dark or middle tone. I went right into the eyes, and nose, and mouth crude and rude. Why? Just to see what would happen, after all I'm working with an opaque medium unlike what I'm used to with watercolors. Ya need to plan somewhat carefully with watercolors, so doing this portrait willy nilly was kinda fun! When I was finished, I looked, cogitated, and said to myself..."self, this looks like a woman I've seen before. This looks like Venus in Bottecelli's (spelling!?) famous Italian Renaissance painting. By golly and gee wiz, I think I'm correct in this. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help!! I'm Shrinking!...or...The Incredible Shrinking Artist.

Last summer I posted a solution for us aging baby boomers. All ya gotta do is TAKE OFF a year when your birthday comes around! In Feb. of '09, instead of being 62 yrs. of old age, I'll be 61 yrs. of age and getting younger! It's kinda of the Dorian Grey effect. I'm finding, however, that unlike Dorian, I'm not getting more grotesque in visage but am shrinking in stature! And this after only one yr. of subtraction! Lord knows how tall I'll be ten yrs. from now (age 51 and getting younger and smaller). Will I even be able to get onto my painting stool?! Anyway, here I am standing by a 36"X46" acrylic painting on stretched canvas I did last year. You can plainly see that I have shrunk substantially!