Monday, April 6, 2020

Back to My Blog and Going Online

Back to My Blog and Going Online

   Just putting my toes in the blog waters again. It's been awhile.

   Like you dear reader, I'm sheltered in place (or whatever the hell you  want to call it), because of the big bad Covid-19 pandemic. For the past five or so years I have been criss crossing the country teaching my California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture™ workshop. I have never ever flown so much in my entire life! I've also taught north of the border in Canada. So as you must be able to conjecture, that line of business has gone to hell in a hand basket! Where the term "hell in a hand basket" came from, I haven't a clue, but I do know this: I need to find a way to reach out and connect to my workshop base, so I am developing Plan B.

  Plan B is this: Take my California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture™ style of painting and teach it online. Currently, I am in the throes of figuring this all out. Aside from my website newsletter ( , my Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram platforms, I figure this blog will also help get the word out once I'm up and running.

   I'm not sure how many of my past blog followers will read this or anyone else for that matter. I welcome comments. You can wish me luck and wave me goodbye ( goodbye into the online art teaching world), proffer some advice, ask questions, or whatever. Thanks!