Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well dang if the International Watercolor Society invited me to participate in their annual watercolor festival in Turkey as a Master Watercolor Demonstration Artist! Five days with all accommodations paid for! Too bad that the dates conflict with a workshop that I am contracted with in the San Francisco Bay area. I will, however have a number of my works represented in the festival catalog, and am hoping to participate maybe next year!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Want to paint in oil? Learn to paint in acrylic first! Why? The paint dries easily within a range from five to fifteen minutes. If a passage is not quite up to snuff in terms of color, value,  rendering or whatever, it can quickly be painted over without waiting a week for the paint to dry!!  Yep, learn the ropes of opaque painting and then segue to oil (if you want! - you may want to stick with acrylic like me).

Yesterday's demo at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Another good size audience last night at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center where I demoed this portrait in watercolor. I can't believe it, now I am watercoloring on a vertical easel and loving it! The vertical wash flows are a kick to behold.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christopher Schink, Mryna Wacknov, and David Lobenberg

Last Friday (Feb. 6). I had the honor to participate in a three-artist, live watercolor portrait exhibition put on by the Oakmont Art Association in Santa Rosa, California. Christopher Schink (publisher of "The Palette Magazine"), Myrna Wacknov (AWS and NWS), and yours truly spent two hours painting a female model by the name of Juanita. Afterward we each did a Powerpoint presentation about our art. Outside the auditorium, the rain came down in buckets, but more than a hundred plus people showed up to see us do our thing. Great fun and definitely three different takes on Juanita!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Water color portrait - getting into gear

One of my last watercolor portrait studies before I leave for Santa Rosa, California this coming Friday to join Myrna Wachnov and Christopher Schink for a live watercolor portrait painting exhibition next Friday, Feb. 6. I'll post photos of this event sometime during the week following.