Friday, November 16, 2007

More or Less?

I'm still finding my way with plein air painting. These are two I did late spring of this year when I started outdoor painting seriously and on a regular basis. For a long time, I've considered them as somewhat unsucessful. The only problem with this assesment is that my wife, Cheryl, likes the bridge, and the owner of the latest gallery I'm now showing in accepted the field/ clouds/ skyline painting. What is common in both pieces is the direct simplicity in painting style as opposed to others that I've noodled more on (including studio time!) Come to think of it, these two were 90% completed on site! A rare occurance for this plein air wannabe. So where does this leave me? Maybe do some more! By the way, they are both 11"x17" on gessoed medium density board.


Anonymous said...

Do you always gravitate toward things that's hella hard to draw? I mean this bridge, and that helicopter last year... Show off:-)

see you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I sincerely think you need to drop the "wannabe" title. You have such a feel for plein air. I love this red bridge painting. The way you painted sky over the lines of the bridge gives it such a feeling of atmophere. Very loose and painterly yet solid in construction. Beautiful.
That mustang a couple of posts down is pretty cool too!

Mike said...

Hey David! I'm back again . . .wondering how the heck you can draw so well en plein air! These two really communicate the outdoor feeling! Drop the wannabe already! Hope all's good up your way!