Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog Title Change

Over the course of several recent postings, some comments from Mike Bailey, Silvina Day, and Terry Miura have got me to thinking about my blog title "Plein Air Wannabe". Added to this, I've had a good sales month in the two galleries I'm in. I've sold six paintings, four of which have been en plein air. So I have been convinced to change my blog title to simply my name... NOT that I'm satisfied yet with my plein air endeavors (do we ever get to that point?), but I guess it's a matter of degrees. I've got a lot more degrees up the plein air ladder that I want to go! Changing the subject now, I've just gotten back from a little mini Thanksgiving vacation where I took about an hour out to do two ink/wash sketches. One is from our motel window (second floor) and the other is looking back towards the unit our second floor room was in. These were done on a cheapo water color sketch pad. I first started out by drawing with a non-water soluble ink fine point Sharpie pen (no pencil drawing. Ink focuses the mind and eye better!). Then I added dabs of water soluble ink from a Tombow pen and made them into value washes with an all- plastic Waterbrush. I wrote a short article on this sketching technique in the January, 2006 issue of American Artist Magazine. It's great for travel and for painting composition/value studies.


alex schaefer said...

Hey thanks for the nice comments! I really like your painting and these sketches are great too. The top one reminds me a little of Dufy, a favorite of mine

Deborah Paris said...

Nice sketches! I love Sharpie's for thumbnails but have never tried the others. Any suggestions as to where I might find them online?

Mike said...

Hey Dave . . .I recommend the Tombo pens in my workshops. They are super for fast value studies. These sketches are wonderful. It is no wonder your article about sketching was published.