Thursday, November 29, 2007


There is a universe of great artists out there and if you snoop around enough in galleries, art museums, coffee houses, bookstores, online, etc., you are going to find some that really touch and inspire you. I found Stephen Doherty in the 2007 issue of American Artist's "Oil Paintings Highlights". This was AFTER I had done three acrylics that I call my "Working Man series". " U.S. Mail Truck Driver on Morning Break" is in an earlier post. The two in this post are titled "Car Wash Steam Wand Operator" and "Window Fitter" The only comparison here is the subject matter. In reference to Mr. Doherty's oils, what inspires me is his sensuous brush work and dramatic values. I have no desire to copy his painting style, but it is always wonderful to have someone at a higher level, if you will, that pushes you to push yourself (as soon as I can find a better way to phrase this idea, I'll edit my post!). I am very excited to continue my Working Man series with renewed vigor thanks to Stephen!


Mike said...

Hey Dave! These two paintings are really something! I love the steam painting, since it is so different from anything else out there. This idea of men at work is a powerful subject, full of content, which could carry you for the rest of your life! I happen to think that series work shakes out the best in every artist.

Anonymous said...

These are yummy. I really like them both--the mysterious look of the first and the great composition in the second. I'm also working on a working man series, something that's always interested me.