Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love and Heart...and h2o

I'm getting ready to conduct a water media workshop this January 22. We are going to collage, water color, and gouache to create a Valentine image for Valentine's Day in February. I thought, dear readers that you might like to see my start. The first thing I did was to glue down the word LOVE in different type fonts onto a sheet of 140lb. cold press water color paper. Then with a large brush and some puddles of beautiful colors on my palette, I laid down some juicy washes. After this stage, I most likely will paste some more LOVES down, and then go over portions of the painting in opaque gouache. I have a wee bit of a plan, but most of all, I am following my nose! We shall see the results in my next post. Wish me luck, and wave me goodbye. Oh...HAPPY 2011!!!


Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you peace & happiness.

Good luck with the course, it looks fun!

David Lobenberg said...

A big happy new yr. back to you, Sue!

Barbara M. said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you David. You're reminding me that I get my writing class to make Valentine's cards for the day. They write love letters to their mothers and fathers, guaranteed to improve their home lives. Too bad they don't have your clear example. This year I think I'll show them your fantastic Valentine.

Happy New Year,


David Lobenberg said...

Barbara, What a wonderful assignment! I would be honored if you showed them my Valentine effort. Stay warm up there.