Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 is coming down the rails!

You'd be a clown if you think you can stop it, so clean off your brushes, get your palette ready, and have a fruitful new year everybody! This image brought to you by the James family of Sacramento who always get together to outlandishly pose in an outlandish situation for their yearly winter holiday card. Yes, the Sacramento light rail commuter train WAS COMING THEIR WAY as they quickly took up their positions on the track and despite the sign behind them to stay off said tracks!!! But what the hell, this is the type of activity that makes America great, and no one can deny it, and if they do, they're itching for a fight! Peace and love to you all.


travelingsuep said...

& to you too David.

Even thought I don't know them, thank the James' for a fabulous photo and wish them a happy New Year from me.

Prabha N. said...

Have a great year David! Looking forward to more of your stunning work!

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi David,
Best Wishes to you for a wonderful New Year!
I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog and continually being amazed at your immense talent with whatever medium you choose to employ on any given day.
Oh, and your sense of humor ain't all bad either!
See you on the other side,

David Lobenberg said...

I'll pass that on to them, Sue. Ditto on the good holiday cheer to you! Double ditto!!

David Lobenberg said...

Thank you Prabha and triple ditto back to you on a great year!!!

David Lobenberg said...

Best wishes back to you, you old aeronautical sea dog. I'm looking forward to see what portraits come off your brush in 2011.

Annaquarel.les said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful photo, David. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog. I admire your exceptional talent,great sense of humour and wit. Happy Holidays for you and your family and all the best for the New Year. Anna