Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tony The Tiger! Remember him boys and girls?

Watercolored this on last week on 140lb. cold press. In what year did Tony The Tiger appear in the marketplace, and does he still exist?


Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful tiger. Hard to know about Tony -- don't think that cereal was organic was it? I don't watch much TV -- just Jon Stewart and Colbert -- so I'm afraid I can't tell you.
The main thing is your painting is super.



Unknown said...

Me encanta! Es un animal espectacular.

Un saludo.

SARABEL said...

PRECIOSO tigre........un saludo

David Lobenberg said...

Barbara, Most TV is a waste land. Was way back when and still is. I'm glad you groove on Tony. Well, time for this Calif. boy to head back into the swimming pool for a nice evening swim, and I don't care if the temp is now in the low forties!

David Lobenberg said...

Veronica, I painted this from a spectacular photo I found on the net.

David Lobenberg said...

Sarabel, Thanks for the saludo!