Friday, October 19, 2012

Some of my favorite food comes from this young lady's neck of the woods.

I stumbled on some striking photos of southeast asians on the net and decided to watercolor one of them. This is only half way completed . . . way more to go. I'll post the finish soon. As my friend Nicholas Simmons  (internationally renowned watercolorist) says, and I paraphrase him, "watercolor should be allowed to do what it wants". Permit me to also quote David Lobenberg (that's me), "watercolor can be described as controlling the flood". Watercolor just loves to flow and move about. Don't fight it . . . go with the flow (bad pun, but oh so appropriate!)


SARABEL said...

Una acuarela muy trabajada y colorista... un saludo

Barbara Muir said...

Hi David,

Where is she from? The pattern looks Vietnamese, but I'm not sure. I love that white line, and wondered if you used masking tape to get it. I do love that lush movement of water look in your work. Plus you are the master of the portrait. Greatly admired on this side of the border.



David Lobenberg said...

Thank you, Sarabel.

David Lobenberg said...

Barbara, She is Hmong from Vietnam. I use masking tape, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a flat brush to pull of paint. Where do I go next on this only time will tell. Your friend south of the border.

Arti said...

Beautiful portrait ,David.I am still trying to understand the eccentricities of watercolor, your work is always a delight.

David Lobenberg said...

Many thanks, my fellow artist in India.