Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pacific coast cypress tree in acrylic

This was painted on an 11X14 inch stretched canvass from a color reference photo in about 3 hours. I painted this scene with an art instructor from the Art Institute, Sacramento who is taking private painting lessons from me and who wants to paint in a looser manner. I will be posting our side-by-side painting progress at a later date when I get the time. My palette colors were titanium white, magenta, lemon yellow, cobalt blur, and phthalo blur. I love working with a limited color palette.


SARABEL said...

Un arbol precioso y con muchisima fuerza..

un saludo

amgpaints said...

Looks great-I have particular fondness for trees for some reason! LOL Cant wait to see the side by side paintings.
Thanks for sharing

David Lobenberg said...


David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Anne. It may take a few weeks for my student to finish his painting, but I do have some interesting photos of us working together on our cypress. I'll post those in the meantime.