Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I promise that this is the LAST ONE!

Another photo from the KVIE green room. Next post will be art again. The devil made me do this! The goofy dude on the left id yours truly.


Barbara Muir said...

The goofy dude is the cool one David.
Don't apologize. You can flaunt your fame whenever you want to. Hey -- it's your blog. Congratulations again.

Take care,


Amber Massey said...

I love that guy's hat!

David Lobenberg said...

Have no fear,I am happy with the side of me that can be goofy, Barbara. Without a wee bit of goofiness, one takes ones self way too seriously.

David Lobenberg said...

Tis a cool hat, Amber but what about my tie?

Amber Massey said...

Your tie is extremely stylish as well, David! ;)