Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ahoy There Mates!

Believe it or not, even though Sacramento is more than 80 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, we have a deep water port. Big cargo ships come through the California Delta to load up on exports such as rice, fertilizer, wood chops ,almonds, etc. This painting is from a photo I took around 10AM looking out over a small fishing boat dock towards the port facilities. This spring I'll go out there and paint en plein air, but right now, it's winter, it's raining' and it's cold. So it's studio painting time. How about that photo I took?...boooring! But what's fun is to take a dull photo reference and turn it into a silk purse. So blue water and sky got changed to oranges, yellows, and lavenders. And that whatchamacallit on the far shore got turned into a docked cargo ship. Painters don't copy do they?

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