Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Watercolor Portrait

Just completed this watercolor painting today done on a half sheet of 140lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper. This young lady was one of my students in an art class that I taught last semester at Sacramento City college. In the first photo, she looks like one of the zombies in "Village of the Dammed", a horror film I saw at the kiddy film matinee around 1958. The village children had no pupils!!! Scared the poop out go me!! Thank goodness there was an intermission, and I won one of the burlap sack races that were held up and down the theater's two aisles. But I digress. Most of the painting was done in Mission Gold watercolor paint. I was sent a sampler of nine different tube colors from Weber Art. They wanted me to try it out and give them my opinion about this relatively new product. I liked it! Bright, saturated colors, and they definitely stack up to all the other professional grade watercolor paints out there. Mission Gold is manufactured in S. Korea and can be purchased through most of the online art catalogs. Some colored conte was added into my student's most beautiful and bountiful hair of which I am mostly lacking, but I digress again. Sorry.  Go to to read about this fine product. 


Barbara Muir said...

What a transformation! I like the angle, and the expression is great -- witty and intelligent. Plus the design is so good.

Thanks from the dot. (

Major fan,


David Lobenberg said...

Dotty - thank you for the insightful comment! Ciao from the Sacto.