Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lobenberg Selfie

Yes, a little goofy or as my Engish aunt use to say "a little airy fairy", but it's all me. This painting was started during a watercolor portrait demonstration at the Folsom Arts Association in California. I didn't get too far into it then, but over the last two days, completed the job. It is about 90% watercolor, 15% conte, and 5% Caran d' Ache. I titled this selfie "Pleasant Thoughts".


David Lobenberg said...

testing my comment moderation

Barbara Muir said...

So great. I love seeing all of these paintings of your face. Wonderful work. This expression seems to capture who I imagine you to be, funny, super talented and kind.

Let's hope this little message gets to you.

Your fan in hot old Toronto,


Sally Chupick said...

FABULOUS portrait David. Love the vibrancy of tone, and especially the angle...you look like you had fun painting it.

David Lobenberg said...

Barbara, my Toronto bloggy bud! In actuality, I'm an uncouth boor with a belligerent manner. No?

David Lobenberg said...

Sally - I often listen to Indian and middle eastern music to get my motor running. That with watching the watercolor flood is mesmerizing. I'm always stone sober. Gotta be to watercolor! Thanks for your comment Sally... always welcomed!