Thursday, July 3, 2014

California Cowgirl in Mission Gold Watercolor by Mijello

Weber Art Company sent me a sample set of Mission Gold Watercolor by a Korean manufacture called Mijello. It is a super saturated watercolor paint. Even when it dries on the palette, a wet brush can easily activate it again without any rough scrubbing action. Go to and check it out. This is my first test painting with this product. So far, it's looking very promising.


Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. Is it less likely to fade? I don't completely understand the paint's qualities. But the painting is wonderful. I hope you get this.

I'll check back. Your friend in
the who did no art today.


David Lobenberg said...

Barbara - It is professional grade paint. The cool thing is that it dissolves very easily with a wet brush after it has dried on the palette. I'm still playing with it.