Monday, May 26, 2008

H2o Abstract

Here's a water color abstract I did about 2 years ago. I don't exactly know how I did it. Maybe I used an atomizer. Anyway, a few months ago I was given a brand spanking new $800 air brush kit and am planing some abstracts combining air brush with traditional brush painting and combining acrylic with water color. I'm hoping to accomplish this during the summer season.
Hey...check out Nicholas Simmons... he does mixed media work combining water color and acrylic...real loose stuff and real nice. He's in my links section.


Clive said...

I love this. I wish I could find a way to be expressive with pure nonrepresentational watercolour. There is a guy up here in the Toronto area called Ray Cattell who has been doing it for 40 or 50 years; well respected member of the Canadian Watercolour Society and I have always been blown away with his work since I was a student. Very little of his stuff online; not the relentless self promoter type I presume; but here's a link to a gallery with some of his work:
Back in the '80's I imagined his work on the cover of LP's by the Cocteau Twins, who I also think are fantastic. Anyway, check him out, and I love your take on watercolour abstract!

David Lobenberg said...

Clive:So far, my one and only comment on this. I'm so happy it came from a talented h2o artist. Thanks! And thanks for the gallery link. I'm going to check out Ray's work.I'm also going to find out who the Cocteau Twins are!