Sunday, November 17, 2013

WOW!!!! It has been awhile since I posted!

Not only have I been very busy with my California art workshops but also with my teaching at Sacramento City College. I'm teaching an art history class this semester, and that just eats ups tons of my time. Next semester, I will be back to only art studio classes . . . way better! Meanwhile I have just finished an interview via email and Dropbox with an editor of "Pratique des Art", a French art magazine. I am very honored and excited about this. Both of these portraits plus some more, I hope, will be in the magazine's January, 2014 issue devoted to portrait painting. Pratique des Art discovered my work through my relatively new website. Check my site by clicking here.


Meera Rao said...

I think it is pretty cool how you use colors and have the values come out just right! Congratulations on being featured in the magazine - too bad my knowledge of French is non existent !

Barbara Muir said...

Congratulations on the magazine. I'd love to read it. Canadian eh! We're supposed to know French. Magnifique!

Love your paintings. I get the teaching thing. Teaching myself right now, and it's daunting marking and getting the art done.

Good to see you back again.
Your fan in Toronto (yes that one!)


Phil said...

Hi David,
I ran across your blog and recognized your work and remembered I took your class about 10 years ago at City College, I think it was the best art class I have taken.

I still occasionally throw down some watercolors but not as much as I would like.(check out my blog if you can

Great paintings as usual.
Cheers Phil