Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another "California-Vibe" portrait

I'm in the process of painting one of my "California-Vibe" watercolor portraits (go to my website to see more). These portraits are super colorful with exciting and playful brush work. This painting captures the vibrant, any thing goes culture that my home state is known for. This rather imposing gentleman, who was in one of my studio art classes that I teach at Sacramento City College, is quite the artistic talent and a very approachable, intelligent, four-square family man. When I asked if I could snap a photo of him for a potential watercolor study, he struck his tough guy pose that reflects upon what I will politely describe as his misspent youth. I started with the drawing using a soft pencil with variable pencil pressure and lots of contour line character. After that came the fun part . . . lots of color variation washes with wild and spontaneous, almost sumi-e brush work. On top of this layer, I careful rendered facial feature but still with variable and expressionistic colors. This painting is not yet completed, and it will sit for awhile until I am ready to pick up my brushes again to finish it with a bit more "California-Vibe".


Barbara Muir said...

Love the California vibe.

You are the man.

Your fan in Toronto, Ontario


David Lobenberg said...

So glad you're groovin on the vibe, girl in T!