Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starting and Finishing an Acrylic Painting

I can’t emphasize enough that you NEVER attempt to render fine details at the start of a painting. The absolute OPPOSITE must occur . . . you paint basic, almost crude shapes and colors. At this stage, as tempting as it might be, do NOT get trapped into painting fine details. It is the most basic of shapes and colors that you are after. Think of them as shapes cut from pieces of colored poster paper that you are “gluing” down onto your canvas. It is this beginning stage that artist’s define as their “Start”. It is the foundation upon which your painting is built. What do you build onto this foundation? Simply a refinement of those first “glued” down shapes and colors.

                        Here’s a simple formula to remember–

                              Foundation + Refinement = Successful Painting

                         And here are two detailed formulas –

                                      Very basic shapes and colors = Start
                                          Refined shapes, colors = Finish


Mike Porter said...

So now, how do I beat this into my head? Maybe as a mantra as I paint. Over and over. Thanks, David. My friend, Maria Winkler, has been telling me the same thing.

David Lobenberg said...

Mr. Mike, the sketcher, Porter,
Love your sketching work!