Thursday, February 2, 2012

An oldie from the Lobenberg vault

When I watercolor and apply paint to paper I "miss" a lot of spots. These "missed" spots where the white of the watercolor paper show through are called "holidays". When seamen, during the days of sail, missed taring parts of the sailing lines, the captain would send them back up even on the Sabath to coat those missed areas, hence the name "holiday". Ever heard; "I haven't got a clue?" It is really; "I haven't got a clew".
Clews are holes in the bottom corners of the various sails. Lines go through them to furl and unfurl said sails. If you haven't got a clew, you are in deep dew dew! I think the holidays in a watercolor painting give the image a beautiful sparkle and energy (click on this image to enlarge and see my holidays scattered about). Some blockheads out in the art world derisively call these missed spots "popcorn". Well, I know for sure that there is an extra special place reserved in Hell for such people, and they are indeed clewless!!!! Have a good day.


the pedigree artist said...

I leave white spots in my art all the time! There is no white watercolor paint unless it's gauche and to me, the 2 are not the same. It's adds light and air to an otherwise over saturated piece.

anyway, had to comment! love the work!


David Lobenberg said...

Well, doggone it, Pedigree artist, I'm glad we are in the same boat on this!

Barbara Muir said...

Those people need a holiday. Besides no great art was ever made by following the rules.
Great painting David. I'd like to holiday there.