Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road Trip!

My good friend and very talented artist Paul Bianchini and his golden retriever Gus, took a road trip with me to the Suisun Valley wine growing region about 45 miles outside Sacramento (and on the way to the Napa Valley wine growing region). We went there to scout out a location for a sun protecting tent that the Ledgewood Creek Winery is going to set up for my watercolor workshop towards the end of August. Upon arrival at the winery, we graciously were each offered a fabulous glass of their latest Pino Chard. Of course we therefor decided to purchase a bottle and two glasses for our scouting expedition. We found the perfect location to set up the tent. Of course we then decided to do a little sketching while in the vineyard. Of course we first had to make a toast before our labors. Of course, whilst sketching, we indulge in a few sips of the good stuff. And after said labors, of course, we had to celebrate. That's my good and somewhat tipsy buddy at the end of our scout-n-sketch. I somehow managed to do that bamboo pen sketch with watercolor wash. A most happy day it was...of course!!!


Autumn Leaves said...

First, that is one fabulous painting, David. I really love it; it speaks to both the heart and gut for me. And I have to say this sounds like one fun day!

David Lobenberg said...

Autumn, I'm so glad my little sketch struck a cord with you. Have you gotten drunk in a vineyard too? Only kidding! Yes, it was a delightful day.

msroxy said...

Wow Paulie looks so happy, boy I sure miss you guys, I love your art,