Monday, April 20, 2009

Writing On The Body Of A Queen - fini

The dipstick (or is it diptych?) I have been working on to help raise funds for The Northern California Dance Conservatory is finished. Note that Marie Antoinette's fan has "real" jewels on it worth almost $8. My goal with this double acrylic was to reflect the glitzh and bling of Marie's world before those nasty, nasty revolutionaries put the kabasch on it all. I also wanted to reflect the female movement of this beautifully choreographed dance. Ninety percent of this painting was executed (no pun intended} with various sizes of flat brushes. The design on the dancer's dresses were painted using paper doilies and an air brush.


Unknown said...

I love all the movement and textures in these paintings (or should I call it "this painting"???) I expect you will raise a lot with this one... it is beautiful.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi David,

Spectacular! Super. This is a tricky composition with the face and the abstract dancers -- Bravo!

Glad to know the jewels are "real". magnificent work!

Take care,


David Lobenberg said...

Thank you so much, Joanne.

David Lobenberg said...

Barbara, Yes, it was one of those paintings where I had to feel (paint) my way to a solution.