Thursday, April 3, 2008

Outdoor Painting Tip #1

When your tripod easel outfit is not sturdy enough to attach your big, heavy umbrella to and you also happen to be painting on a rocking boat, just what do you do?

(To see the answer, stand on your head and view photo)

I think this macho outdoor painting dude went by the name of John Singer Sargent. He often whimped out by painting in sissy watercolors. What's up with that!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what torture! I've never seen a photo of Sargent in his later years. I really had to twist to see this!

David Lobenberg said...

He didn't have it easy, so why should you?

I just had to say that, Silvina. Forgive me for being a jerk!

Anonymous said...

spoken like a real art teacher! : D

Frank Gardner said...

Good one! Luckily I have a lap top that I could just flip over.
Looks like he should be more worried about that crappy tripod than the umbrella.
Thanks for visiting my blog David. I've lurked around on yours long enough. Time to speak up.

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks for coming by Frank! Your blog is a treasure trove of great plein air/painting info. Gotcha on my links section. I'm going to post a portrait soon. If you have the time, like to hear what you think (and I'm not fishing for compliments in that I see something lacking in it,) Thanks again for visiting my humble blog.