Saturday, February 9, 2008

1953 Ford F Series

Trucks and cars can be tough to paint if you get hung up on the reflections which I did. The reflection here is my old studio. It was a cement, tilt up, industrial building on a dead end street up against the American river (that was populated by transients). Not a good place to be at night. My new studio is in a very populated area (day and night) in a mixed use, two story, (very well lighted during the evening) office building. And I'm right next store to one of the best art galleries in town...much better!


virtual nexus said...

Enjoyed looking through your paintings - Brit, originally from the port of Hull in Yorkshire - so appreciate the ships.

Thinking about dabbling in oils again after a long break .... and not quite sure what to start with!

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks for checking out my stuff, Julie. My Mom (Mum) is from Britain. Came here as a war bride after WWII. Still speaks with a thick Brit accent. You have some lovely photos on your blog. When I get time, I'll revisit.

David Lobenberg said...

Mary: I've always like to do trains, planes, and automobiles (and trucks).