Sunday, June 24, 2007

Long time watercolorist goes plein air acrylic

I have been a water color artist for 35 years now (how time marches on!). I teach water color painting at Sacramento City College and conduct many workshops at different venues within the Northern Calif. region. But about 3 years ago some commission work came my way that had to be painted larger than your standard 22"x30" water color sheet size...we're talking around 5 feet x 8 feet. I've done gyclee enlargements about that size, but these pieces had to be origional art. So...I decided to fullfill my commission obligations by switching from water color to acrylic. As a water color artist, and with my relatively fast working style, I really learned to enjoy my new found medium! If I paint something not to my satisfaction, I need only wait a few minutes, and I'm ready to paint over it. I can correct or play within a short time span! Not much time to blend colors like an oil painter, but the trade off is worth it. I may change that thought in the future, but again, the ability to improve or change a painting without waiting for a long drying period is exciting!
I am new to blogging as well. I deleted my first one a few minutes ago, because I forgot to attach "Barry". "Barry" is a full sheet water color painting on water color cold press paper. It is a portrait of big league baseball pitcher Barry Zito. This was a commission from his publicist. She gave it to him as a Christmas present in 2006. In the near future, I want to post some blogs with thoughts and images pertaining to my acrylic plein air endeavors... and of course, hopefully get some feedback from fellow painters.


Patris said...

Hi David okay checked out your blog site, super cool. i just wanted to leave you a comment so you would have at least one there to begin with. I think I need to get one of these blog things going. See you for plein air painting. Patris

SMac said...

Wow a Blog -- how HI-TECH (this is the 1st blog I've ever posted to)! Greetings from Oregon - the Zito painting is wonderful, looking forward to fall watercolor workshops. Shelley

Mary Kercher said...

Bravo Bravo- David! My first plein aire experience was with writing this from Milano, Italy. On a whirlwind trip with my hubby to Bordeaux, Paris, Rome, Florence and Milano. Business for him-looking at art for me. Wonderful exhibit in Florence Cezanne a Firenze The colors so beautiful. See you back in Sac!

dianeclancy said...

just a hint - you can edit the post instead of deleting it - in the future just add the image afterwards.

I can see this will be fun to see what you are doing.

~ Diane Clancy