Monday, April 13, 2015

OMG! My bicycle painting died!!

My racing cyclists watercolor painting started out ok, but then I decided that I needed more contrast between the cyclists and the background. I went over the background a second glaze to darken it a tad.  Sometimes one can get away with glazing, but sometimes it can make the painting looked over worked. Bummed out, cuts this is exactly what happened! So I began a second painting. This time I went with a blue background with more white showing through for pop and tilted the cyclists at a more dramatic angle. At this stage, I am very happy with the results and think it is a vast improvement to my first iteration. The painting is about 40% complete at this stage, so tomorrow I shall bring it to a finish. Pray for me.


CrimsonLeaves said...

You made me smile, David. I actually love what you did with the first one; the blended and marbled greens are just gorgeous! I'm sure your second incarnation will be fabulous too!

Sandra Busby said...

I'm with Crimson! I liked it too! But yes, the second is even better! :0)

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks Crimson and Sandra