Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dare I ask for comments on this California Vibe watercolor portrait?

Instead of shamelessly fishing for sympathy comments as I did in my previous post, I now am seeking comments in the form of opinions. This is one of my loose, colorful California Vibe portraits that I am well- known for. I worked on this last night (whilst listening to French Fry Radio on Pandora). I have fixed in my CA Vibe mind to not do any more painting in the sunglasses . . . zippo. But I do want to render the mouth and teeth more as well as his top knot of hair. That's it and nothing else. This watercolor portrait will have a partially unfinished look. What do y'all think of my plan? I really want some opinions, pretty please with whipping cream and a cherry on top!
By the way, that black thingy on the bottom left is the dangling headphone cord that was plugged into my iPhone that I was using to photograph this piece (I was still listening to French Fry Radio - love their music). 


CrimsonLeaves said...

Well...I like it a lot! Too much blurring on the subject's right side of the face for me at this point (hurts my eyes this a.m.), but I see where you are going and it is just fantastic, David!

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Crimson Leaves. Check out tonight's post.