Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey! - Cool it with capturing a perfect portrait likeness.

We all want our portraits to look JUST LIKE OUR SUBJECT, right? For me, this idea of capturing a perfect likeness starts with a really hard-won accurate drawing. It's great to meet that goal, but be aware of "perfection". What could be equally satisfying? Maybe it can come by NOT worry too much about capturing a "perfect likeness", NOT to erase a lot of "mistakes" during the drawing process, and just letting go with some of your idiosyncratic line work. What the hey, did the great El Greco worry about his propensity of elongating figures? Do artists like Lucian Freud worry over overly accurate line work. He digs deeper and captures spirit. In fact, you know what? This painting needs to get more "inaccurate!" I'll have to do this again . . . and maybe again! 


Geert-Jan Bol said...


David Lobenberg said...

Glad you heartily agree, Geert-Jan Bol.

Susan said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing your process on capturing a likeness! Much appreciated!