Saturday, March 29, 2008

Globe Mill, downtown Sacramento

For about 30 years, this flour milling plant has been in a derelict state. Now it is being transformed into low cost housing units while still maintaining a great deal of its outside structure. I took a photo about 5 years ago before the transformation. From the photo reference, I painted this acrylic on stretched canvas. It's 22"X28". The simple brush technique I used to render the cars was inspired by some of Jennifer McChristian's paintings. She is quite the artist, and you can go to her blog through my links section. Like all my work, I blocked in both cars and building first by lightly drawing with a round tip brush then laying in blocks of color and tone with a large flat brush. After that, it's "simply" a matter of "polishing" up the scene with finer colors, shapes, and tones (values). 1 sketch (draw), 2. block in, 3. polish until I'm are at a point where I can say "done!". I don't like to overly polish, because you can lose that painterly/abstracted look.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this David ...Mike Malinowski AIA Project Architect ... by the way the project is now done, and includes both affordable senior apartments as well as market rate lofts.