Friday, March 27, 2015

Values trumps Colors

Unless one can master seeing and painting values, one will struggle with colors. This is why I often do mono-chromatic studies (well, sometimes almost mono-chromatic) to keep me fit and trim.


Barbara Muir said...

You David do not have to do gray scale paintings to keep you fit as a painter. You are the best at colour.

But I admit when things aren't working I think about value (for a minute). (No I do seriously).
Love these paintings.

Your fan in the dot,


CrimsonLeaves said...

Great pieces that stand alone, despite being done for study purposes, David. Those guys are all handsome!

David Lobenberg said...

Well thank you, Barbara. On a sour note, why can't you Canadians spell "color" correctly? :-)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi David,

On a sour note? Why don't you spell like a Canadian? David -- it's a package. Canadians spell differently. But there are good things about us. We don't like guns, we say eh! And Toronto is one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the world apparently. And we accept that you drop the 'u's in some words.

You are funny! You want us to talk like y'all?

Your fan in the dot.


David Lobenberg said...

Barbara - Aright, aliright! Truth be known, every time I visit Canada, I have a fantastic time. Can't y'all take a little American xenophobia! By the way, me mum is an ex-Brit, and I often times do early morning soft boiled eggs for the missus and I. Colour me maple leaf red, white, and blue. I'm ignoring my computer's spell check on this, but it ain't easy!