Saturday, January 3, 2015

Artist In Training

Play the theme song from the movie "Rocky",  cus I'm in training. Not for a fight of course and not for any sort of competition. I will be one of three prominent watercolor artists who will be doing a one day portrait painting (from a live model) exhibition in Santa Rosa, Calif. this February 6. I need to be in shape, so I am doing a lot of practice studies like the one and in my two previous posts. By the way, the other two artists are Myrna Wacknov and Christopher Schink. Chris is co-owner and editor of Palette Magazine. We three have very different styles, so this should be fun. Check out the "cheap crap" paper I am painting on. One of my workshop students gave me this pad awhile back. I was intrigued with the paper's texture and thought I'd try painting on it. I like it!  Sidebar - when I paint these studies, my goal is a watercolor portrait with energy, color, sketch lines and lots of white paper. If I get somewhat close to a likeness, that's good enough.


Miguel Carvajal said...

I love your painting style and would love to know more about the event you will be participating in Santa Rosa on February 6th.

Sue Foss said...

I love how you show the step by step process. Good luck and have fun at your "live painting event"!

V.J. Maheu said...

Hey, that's awesome! Hope Santa Rosa goes really well for you!

Your painting looks great by the way.