Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thinking in Chinese and Heading for Salt Lake City!

I find that watercoloring a portrait in a traditional, straight ahead manner BORING. I paint in what I call my "California-Vibe" style. In other words,  a portrait that is loaded with amped up Xpression . . .  inventive paint application, evocative design elements, dramatic composition, and no-holds-barred color. This post shows the progressive stages in one of my latest creations. The majority of these CA-Vibe pieces work, but every once in a while, they can derail. What do you think of this one, kind reader????? By the way, I threw in that Salt Lake City at sunset photo, because I fly there tomorrow to conduct my first out-of-state "California-Vibe" portraiture workshop for Studio 21. I will be conduction a second one back in Sacramento this May, and my third in August at Bend, Oregon. I'm doing my best to spread the vibes!!

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