Thursday, February 27, 2014

Male subject in charcoal, water color, and acrylic

First I drew this male subject (an ex-student of mine and quite a good pen and ink man) in SOFT charcoal. Next, I loosely shaded with the same soft charcoal. Then I deepened some of the darkest facial features and outside contour lines with a semi-soft charcoal pencil. After that procedure, I pulled out a Kleenex and wiped over the entire drawing. You can see how it spread a light gray film of charcoal over the entire page. I went back in with the semi-soft charcoal pencil again to re-establish my dark and middle values. Last, but certainly not least, I erased out highlights with a soft eraser pencil. This is a fabulous method for charcoal sketching! 
The other four paintings are watercolor and an acrylic study.

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