Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some views of my Santa Clara, California workshop last week

This was a five day watercolor portrait workshop that I taught for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. I had a full workshop with 20 very energetic, talented, and delightful painters. The first photo shows them waiting for my first demonstration. The second view is our classroom. The next is the start of a demo painting I did to show value control. The following photo is the finished watercolor with an overlay of color. The fifth shot is a watercolor study that was painted by one of my students. It is her mother and a very compelling piece! The sixth image is one of my students snapping a photo of one of my many demo paintings that I did over the course of the five day workshop. The seventh photo shows my workshop crew holding one of their portraits. We worked both in Payne's Gray and full color. The final shot shows my work table with Mr. Head.


Barbara Muir said...

Sounds like fun, and looks impressive.

Your Toronto fan,


Myrna Wacknov said...

Great group with excellent results. I should take your class one of these days.

Mary Paquet said...

I learned so much. Thanks for the nice photos.

David Lobenberg said...

Twas big fun, Barbara, and a jolly group of painters!

David Lobenberg said...

I couldn't have been treated better, and what a delightful group. I wanna come back in 2014! So glad that you got a lot of portrait learning in my workshop!!