Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singing . . . uh, I mean . . . Painting "in" the rain!

Having completed a weekend workshop at the Donner Lake area in the northern California Sierra mountains (see previous post), my wife and I drove to the north shore of Lake Tahoe for some R and R. We stayed at a large, classic, all wood cabin built in the 1930"s. Our invitation to stay there came from a member of the Grebitus family, very well known in Sacramento for there many jewelry stores. The cabin sits right of the lake with its own private beach and boat pier. We were planning some outdoor barbecuing and or course watercoloring. One slight problem - a rare rain sodden Hawaiian storm was coming in. You can see the clouds starting to gather. Next two days, we were living in a monsoon! In the second photo, you can see the living room area, and right at the picture window was where I decided to paint the great outdoors whilst indoors! See my paper towel roll sticking up? The third photo shows the out side of this classic Sierra edifice (taken during the rain, of course). The next photo gives you a good look of the rain-spattered picture window that I was looking out of towards the lake and pier. The following photo gives you an idea that yes indeed, this weren't no contemporary house. It's a low ceiling, tongue and groove (have I got the correct description here?) cabin! Completed watercolor sketch in the last photo is on a quarter sheet of 140lb. cold press paper, and no I did not tape it down while I was painting. As I sit here in my Sacramento studio, the weather forcast for the next five days is for triple digit-plus daytime temps!! Wish I were back in that thar old cabin!

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