Friday, July 27, 2012

Where's the road?

This weekend, I am conducting a watercolor workshop at my studio (Studio L). We will be painting this lovely window with a cascade of flowers. Of course, I always paint my workshop scenes before the workshop date so as to make sure I can demonstrate and teach with all due authority. We will be working from the reference photo you see here. Like most all painting interpretations, whether from real life or photo references, the goal is not to copy. I like to simplify and make the image painterly and let the viewers eye fill in the rest. I'll get back to my road interpretations after my three day workshop gig this coming Aug. 9 at Gig Harbor in the state of Washington and out in the Puget Sound. I am really looking forward to it! By the way, this window/floral watercolor was painted on non-stretched (I never stretch) 140 lb. cold press, Arches watercolor paper . . .  14"X18".


Oli said...

Great to let us see the reference photo and your interpretation of it. If I was in the US I'd certainly attend your workshop.

David Lobenberg said...

Thank you Oli. I really like your pastel art that I saw in your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Danke!