Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From the Lobenberg Archives

This is one of my college drawing students that I drew a while back on a sketch pad. The sequence shows how I concentrated on head and feature SHAPES and getting them all coordinated in correct positions and angles to one other. After this heavy lifting was completed, the penciling in of the values was a walk in the park. The great thing about drawing is that it really, really helps you to look at things DEEPLY and not in an off handed manner. This is one of the keys at being a good representational artist.


Meera Rao said...

Love the lights/values! Thanks for the w-i-p to0 :)

David Lobenberg said...

You are welcomed, Meera.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I do find inspiration and encouragement in your drawings and value studies! Plus, they're darn good!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi David,

Your walk in the park is anyone else's marathon. Love this so much.