Monday, February 9, 2009

They Lost!

A few posts ago I wrote that the Sacramento Kings, one of the worst teams this year in the NBA, was about to undergo a change in fortune. Managment hired me back to use two of my paintings on two new posters. One poster for Chris Webber and one for Vladi Divac. Their jerseys are being retired. C Web's was retired last Friday in a dramatic half time ceremony during a game between the Kings and The Utah Jazz. It was like the good old days when the Sacramento Kings games were sold out and Arco Arena thundered with cheering fans. Anyway, last Friday, all the ticket holders got a Chris Webber poster by yours truly, and I have the photos here to prove it. They lost to the Jazz by only 3 points...and...continued one of the worst loosing streaks in their team history. I felt that since they had come back to reuse my watercolor paintings, that the team's loosing streak would be reversed but Noooo!!!!! Maybe there's something wrong with my theory about a direct relationship between management commissioning me to do art and how well the team performs. I always thought I was a level headed artist or is that an oxymoron? Speaking of morons, was it a little brash of me after the pre-game interview, to request singing the national anthem and to introduce C. Web over the public address system?


Mike said...

Omigawd! I wanna be in the front row when you sing the anthem! Whadda Howl!

tonypetersart said...

Congrats, very nice poster!

David Lobenberg said...

Dear Mr. Bailey: You DON"T want to be in any row or near any arena if I ever try to sing our anthem or "Mary had a little lamb".

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Tony. Howdaya like my shit eatin grin?

Kathy said...

You can paint AND sing!!?? I can just paint and listen to music :) Bet it will be a night you will never forget...and neither will they.

Barbara M. said...

Wow David!
I would have liked to have been there! What an exciting evening it must have been.
Sorry they lost, but everyone went home with your stunning artwork so in fact the fans won big time.

Three Cheers, make that 10,000 cheers for you!!!

Love your work


David Lobenberg said...

Kathy: I think I can sing... I sound good in the shower.

David Lobenberg said...

"the fans won big time." Boy, Barbara, you sure can put a positive spin on things. I feel better about their loss already! said...

Maybe if you used oil paints their luck would change.

David Lobenberg said...

Onpainting (Bill): YES!...if I switch to oil, the team will start WINNING! What a simple solution, but wait...let me think...switching to oil painting means me sacrificing for the greater good of the team and their fans. Now if I look towards our banking system, wall street, and the republican built federal government as my model and moral compass, this may not be a good idea, Bill. Screw the team and fans, I'm sticking to watercolor and acrylic painting!

redchair said...

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wayne said...

Hi David,
Your volunteering to sing the National anthem and introduce the great C Webber over the PA does impress me! So does your watercolour poster of him!

Regarding basketball, i have never been more inspired by team play in basketball than when my wife and i watched the Australian women's paralympiad team (in wheelchairs) win Gold in the 2008 Olympics. [And, like you, i have watched a lot of basketball in my time...]

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Wayne, and paralegal olympic teams rock!(: