Monday, November 24, 2008

In Progress (Tour of Calif.)

I simplified the background foliage in color and value, took out some foliage in front of the capitol bldg. and deepened the bicycle shadows with slightly darker color (and by lightening the street). Worked a little with deepening some colors on the lead rider and rider coming out close to the viewer on the left. Thank you everyone for your suggestions including a fellow artist/blogger who sent me a photoshop manipulation...very cool. I am not done with this painting, but would be interested if you think I'm on the right track and moving forward. I have formatted my comment page to the old style as the "new and improved" blogger style was preventing people from posting their comments! Until Blogger gets that bug fixed, I'll stay an old fashioned traditionalist. Is it not fantastic how we can all share ideas?!


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely fantastic- this sharing of info, ideas, encouragement.

I like how you sharpened this up at its' finish, and the action looks more defined too.

Great piece David. said...

Coming along nicely, David. Two comments at this stage (and they may be premature)
1. The shadows of the riders look a little hard edged
2. The dome of the building looks like it is leaning. Maybe it really does look like that from the perspective of this view but it doesn't feel quite right

A very challenging piece that you are going to do a fabulous job on.

David Lobenberg said...

Thank you comrade Bonnie!

David Lobenberg said...

Onpainting: Yes, I may want to soften the edges of the cast shadows. The capitol bldg. is purposely tilted for drama and to match the slant of the riders. Thanks for the input!

Marian Fortunati said...

Beautiful! Will this be used as promotional art for the bicycle ride? I hope so, ... it's really great... Makes one want to join in (well... almost)
Hey... 62 isn't too bad... I'm a lot closer than you are. I was a science major at UCSB... but not your brand of science... I was a zoo major. Wanted to be a doctor... soooooooooooooo glad that didn't happen!!

wayne said...

Hi David,
I really like the ellipses of the sihouetted bicycle tyres and the interlinked more-circular cast interconnected shadows. I like their crisp definitive geometry —almost reminds me of the Olympic Rings (with a twist!). [The sharpness of the shadows works well for me and, in the close-up linked view, I see the brushwork is literally interconnecting these shadows.] The painterly rendering of the background palms is also masterful IMO. There's a convincing feeling of action and I like that L-R diagonal compositional emphasis which adds a feeling of strength, direction, and purpose. Your brilliant artistic acumen leads me to believe you don't need any advice per se (!!) but it's very modest of you to ask for some anyway. By way of positive feedback rather than advice, those silhouetted wheel shapes and shadows I mentioned are providing a key interconnecting element IMO to the pack of riders and is what appeals to my eye most. I wouldn't attempt such a complex work as these cyclists myself! I'd no doubt fail. Cheers & congrats on tackling such a challenging subject!

David Lobenberg said...

Marian: Greetings fellow old person. Actually the 60's is the new 40's. I think this is a fine idea to believe in. Glad you like my truck. I rendered it a little on the stubby side, but that's OK...makes it cute...the little truck that could.

David Lobenberg said...

It certainly is a challenge, Wayne. I'm earning my money the old fashioned way by WORKING HARD. Anyway, I've been continuing to work hard on it and shall have a new post no latter than this coming Monday. I would appreciate another look see by you and a cogent comment.

Barbara M. said...

Hi David,

Just as I suspected, you know exactly what you're doing. I felt like these
guys might race right out of my Imac
and into the room. They'd be surprised
to find themselves in an Ontario winter. Just stunning, as usual.


Leslie Sealey said...

Hi David,
You're right on track, it's looking good!

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks, Leslie. I really appreciate your feedback!