Monday, September 15, 2008

What? Me Worry?? Me mad???

Nope. Not me. Sure Lehman (spelling?) Brothers had to be purchased by B of A, and Dean Whitter (spelling?) is kaput, and Fannie Mae and the other one needed government bailouts, and the USA is way in debt to foreign countries, and AIG insurance (the largest in the world, for god's sakes!), is in BIG financial trouble (as is my state of California), and our car insurance is with AIG, and my car was totaled last week (thank god for seatbelts and airbags), and my sternum was fractured in the accident, and I'm waiting for a settlement from AIG. It doesn't faze me in the least, because today I received my four Carol Marine paintings that I purchased from her last week. They are beauties, and I plan on using them as teaching aids for my '09 spring semester acrylic class at Sacramento City College! PS: Here are three acrylic portraits on 12"X16" stretched canvases that I previously posted that have been tweaked. What do you think?.. good, bad and ugly opinions are solicited here.


Carol Marine said...

I am completely and totally flattered beyond belief! You don't even know. Thank you. Your portraits are beautiful. Especially your watercolor ones ... wow!!! You've really got a way with watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you fractured your sternum?! Are you alright?
These portraits are fabulous. My favorite is the one in the middle. The brilliant green looks so good with the pink flesh. Beautiful!
Hope you mend quick, David.

Melinda said...

Yikes, David! You've had a very tough time lately. You've got plenty to be angry about (time to throw some paint around in a haphazard kind of way!).

I like the third portrait best because the expressive colors and brushstrokes really do work well together. They are integrated fully on the canvas and the background supports the strength of the figure. The woman's face is relaxed in an energetic, yet comfortable space. This is a bit like Alice Neel. I just found a blogger who is mostly painting this way that you might want to check out. Barbara Paints

Get that settlement quickly and buy some CDs! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Ouch. Ouch...the glad you were wearing seatbelts and had airbags!

milindmulick said...

you have mastered the way of catching the character and expression in your portraits
The second one is best in harmoney and key while the third has expessive strokes and also I like the red underpainting seen trough at places.
Wish you a speedy recovery.
congrats on 4 carol marine's.

Barbara M. said...

Hi David,

You are an amazing portrait painter.
I love the energy and strength in
all three. The Botticelli-like
woman is magnificent, and I love the
portrait of the older woman because
of the energy and colour. That red background makes it sing.

These are all way cool! A fractured sternum must be hell-- was that the
air bag?

Take care


rob ijbema said...

thase are very,very expresive David,
no surprise...

David Lobenberg said...

Carol: Thanks. I'm showing my four Marines to a few of my water color students this Fri. who have taken my oil/acrylic painting class about two semesters ago. At that time, they saw some prints of your work I pulled off your blog, but there's nothing like the real deal. Thanks again!

David Lobenberg said...

Silvina:Thanks for your feedback on my portraiture efforts. Yea, fracture, but minor, and I'm on the mend. Reeeealy looking forward to seeing Local Color. I emailed the producers, and they tell me the dvd will be released around January '09.

David Lobenberg said...

Melinda: Really appreciate your feedback on my portraits. The fracture is minor and is not slowing my painting schedule down in the least. I checked out Barbara Paints. Dynamic figurative work. If you are behind a car and they pull off to the far side of the road, DON'T assume that's the end of their maneuver. I kept going straight when they suddenly attempted a u turn! I t-boned them at about 25-30 mph! Thank goodness for seat belts and airbags!!! They got a citation and I got a totaled vehicle. Such is life.

David Lobenberg said...

Milind: Thanks. Your last watercolor street scene rocks!

David Lobenberg said...

thank you for your comments. It was the shoulder strap...stopped me dead...the air bag merely felt like a powder puff! Ya got some nice portraits on your blog.

David Lobenberg said...

Rob: Thanks Le Manns (spelling?) man.

Edgar said...

What grips me in each of these is the sense of candidness about the expressions. It's so rare to see these transitional expressions in paintings.

Truth be told, the guy at the top is a bit scary. But you say he's a nice guy, so I'll take your word.

Sorry to hear about the wreck but, no worries, I heard that AIG is on the way to a bailout. Must be those new One Trillion Dollar Bills that I heard about, finally being put to good use.

After we pay for AIG, we taxpayers will take our Trillion dollars an' go right on over to China, and say, "Hey, we know that we owe you a ton of money. Last we looked at the bill it was, like, $250 Billion. So, we're here to pay it off, but all's we got is this Trillion. Can you make change?"

An' they'll be all like "No, things are a little tight. Can we owe it to ya?"

An' we'll say, "Sure, just make some monthly payments. Send us some of that toy stuff, regular-like, and hold the lead. An' a side of eggrolls."

Disclaimer: this is called "satire."

W. K. Moore said...

Good portrait work... and crazy works for me... I'll link you on B sides...

Anonymous said...

David- whew, what content in this post.

First, glad that your accident wasn't worse ( and your attitude is sunny ).
The news could hardly be worse and you're thrilled to own 4 of Carols' paintings!
I am envious.

Individually, these portraits rock.
But together they really show your skill and artistry.
Those strokes went just where you wanted them to.
That last one on the red background really sings to me. She's a vibrant, upbeat face- one you'd like to share lunch with.

Just great-
Take good care of yourself.

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks W.K. You are a scholar and a gentleman and a damn good kick-ass painter. Thanks for adding me to side B.

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks Comrade Bonnie for your always valued feed back. Gotta go now and drool over my Marines. It eases the pain don'tcha know. Alcohol helps too... got good rum on your island?

David Lobenberg said...

Edgar (fellow h2o artist): The scary dude is Erick, and he's harmless. In fact, he's a very nice fellow. Love your satire, If it wasn't for that, we might all start crying and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Can we add some bird's nest soup to the order? I know it's expensive, but they do owe us change after all!

Nava said...

That green background really does only good to Venus gal, and I'd happily join lunch with Bonnie and that cheery lady.

Erik is still my favorite - only thing, if I may be so utterly impudent as to suggest something, him and the background almost seem like two separate paintings. Might be cool to have some of the background colors stain his shirt. (sorry, after taking Mike Bailey's class, these things just jump at me).

May your sternum get well soon, and may AIG send you a nice, fat check!

David Lobenberg said...

Nava: I seek good, bad, and butt ugly critiques of my work, so you are not being impudent. I figure that with critiques, I'll learn, respectfully disagree, or maybe cry at how heartless my fellow artists can be!:) Mike Bailey is correct about distributing and balancing color, and I have done that in his shirt, but maybe a little more is needed.
AIG (actually it's subsidiary, 21st Century Insur.) made me a very fair offer.

Mona said...

David, this is a great trio. I am partial to the red one,
partly because I love that color of red, but all three are powerful. Sorry to hear about your sternum!

Neat idea to get some Carol Marine paintings.

Theresa Rankin said...

All I can say id awesome...and energetic...and masterful...and bold...and. well I am running out of superlatives!! You rock! Wish I had you for a teacher in college. I sincerely hope you are not in too much pain and you can keep painting...Thank goodness it was no worse (bad enough though)!

HELENE J said...

amazing portrait!
They make me think abot a french painter I lke very much, I'll send you his name.Don't remember it right now!
Suc an expression and vivacity!!

Anonymous said...

Just becaue you have three pieces up at once, you can't ride it forever. Get busy.

David Lobenberg said...

Thank you Mona (egg tempera!).

David Lobenberg said...

Theresa: You're making me blush. Better than laughing...that can hurt right now, but I do detect a little improvement each week. They say I'll be fine in about another four weeks. I'm still painting and listening to Melinda Williams CD's. Ever heard her?

David Lobenberg said...

Thank you Helene. Yes, I like to know what French painter you are thinking of.

David Lobenberg said...

Hey, Onpainting, I'm like a shark...can't stop or I'll drown.

Myrna said...

You know I love a good portrait and these have such life! Speaking of which, take good care of yourself and mend quickly.

David Lobenberg said...

Hey, good portrait artist, Mryna! Glad ya like them, and I'm workin on the mendin part.

Barbara M. said...

David thanks for the compliment.
Ooof. Your accident sounds so
grim -- but your paintings --
unharmed. That's good.

Because you are a superb painter.