Wednesday, November 28, 2007

En Plein Air Painting@Hunting

This Monday, I was out on the American River Parkway. What a beautiful Fall morning it was! About an hour later, fellow plein air artist Marti Walker showed up to pastel this idyllic scene. Then a gaggle of geese swooped down and landed in the water right in front of us! They then waddled up onto our beach. My car was parked only about 20 yards away, so I hot footed to it and pulled out my firearm kept locked up in the glove compartment (don't think I have ever put gloves in my glove compartment). I casually came back to my easel so as not to frighten our goosey friends. Taking careful aim, I shot the fat goose you see in the foreground of my canvas. Marti let out a scream not to be believed! I told her to chill out a bit. I explained that I was merely going to take the dead duck, uh, I mean goose, home to pluck it, gut it, freeze it, and on Christmas eve, cook it. Marti felt a lot better and proceeded to complete her pastel.

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Mike said...

Now THAT is a plein air story !!! Way to go!