Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ranching Equipment

Nice thing about teaching my college summer plein air ink/water color wash sketch class is I too get educated. The contraption next to the 1947 Ford truck, one of my studenets told me, is a seed spreader. The contraption behind the truck, another student informed me, is a harrow. What's a harrow? breaks up hard soil to prep it for plowing. Obviously, all three items have seen better days. This sketch was a demonstration I did for my students to show how to paint nice watery washes of color. Water color painting has been defined as "controlling the flood". What an apt definition that is!

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dianeclancy said...

Hi David,

Thank you for sharing these posts with us (including the following blow-up). It is fun to see your work and interesting to hear your process.

And a bonus to get educated ourselves about ranches and farms.

~ Diane Clancy